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Leading with Grace

Leading with Grace

Do you expect others to automatically follow you because of your big, great ideas?  Do you want others to agree with you all the time? Or, do you hammer through projects and expect others to do the same? Do you get mad when people don’t follow your lead? If any of these resonate with you, then […]

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Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

The Little Known Secret to Finding Your Purpose Have you ever wondered what really gives us a sense of purpose? It often feels a bit elusive and hard to fully grasp. I recently went to Liberia, Africa, the second poorest country in the world. Some people thought I was crazy and thought it was dangerous,

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Stand up and Work

Stand Up and Work!

Do you spend long hours sitting at a computer? As I write this post, I am walking on my treadmill! Yup, I’m weird and I love it! As a Physical Therapist, when I am treating patients, I get to move all day which keeps me feeling great!  One of the challenges I have as I

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Key To Happiness

The Key To Happiness

It’s free and available anytime you want it! The other day I was at a BBQ, chatting away with a few women having some good old down to earth girl chat.  One of the women who I have known for 9 years commented on how happy and great I looked. She said it didn’t look

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