Break the rules!

Did you know that our own rules can hold us back? BIG TIME!

It’s funny how when we think of “breaking the rules” we often think of breaking other peoples rules – not our own.

What’s interesting, is it’s usually our OWN rules that get in the way.

We all have rules. Some are conscious, some are unconscious. This is what makes them sneaky.

We don’t even know we have a rule about something, yet it influences what we do, how we behave and what we think.

The trick is to figure out what rules are no longer serving you. Sometimes, they are the brakes that are stopping or slowing you down.

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Some rules are sneaky because it’s someone else’s rule that you take on for yourself, but it’s not something that you need to hang on to.

What is right for you?

It’s time to BREAK some rules! What is a “should” that could change to something else that is a want?

Check out the video. I share the ONE RULE that changed everything for me in business.

Letting go of this one rule is what set me free to expand, grow and create the success I wanted.

This can actually be fun…just embrace it. Try it. See what happens.

Trust yourself. You’ve got this!

I believe in you!

Dawn Marie Payne

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