How to be an impactful leader with Don Wisniewski

You might be surprised by Don’s answer on how to lead with integrity and authenticity. In this episode of EmpowermentTV and The Empowerment Podcast, he shares his wisdom on what it takes to be an impactful leader.

Don has had several successful business which he has built from the ground up. He has sold some, merged, scaled and adapted when the time came.

This man is one of my favourite people. He helped me when I sold my company for a 900% return. He’s smart, objective AND compassionate. He has a heart of gold.

He has been mentored by the illustrious Keith Cunningham who wrote “The Road Less Stupid”. It’s a great read!

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His expertise is in creating efficiencies to improve the performance of the team which improves the bottom line and profits. He believes that work culture can either galvanized or destroy a company when there is a crisis.

In part of this interview, Don gets emotional about how he has had the opportunity to impact people’s lives – in particular with his team.

Don is also a master at asking great questions to create solutions to those inevitable challenges that crop up in business. His philosophy encompasses how to remain sustainable even when revenues are down. This is an important one!

This episode of EmpowermentTV and The Empowerment Podcast is JAM PACKED with insights from a very successful business creator and owner.

Sit back, relax and Enjoy! Think about ONE thing you will implement from this interview in your business or leadership role.

And remember…I believe in you.

Go get ’em!

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