Let go of the dream.

It’s so ironic…I started typing and suddenly, what I had written was gone. Like, completely gonzo. I guess I’ll just have to let it go! Lol.

Here’s what I was saying….

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes we have the best laid plans and they don’t happen.

It seems like all the ducks are lined up and then, BOOM. They scatter. And you’re left hanging.

I know you have big dreams, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. I also know that some aspect of your life has not happened as planned.

What’s great is that those plans that didn’t happen, that dream that isn’t coming together. It means there’s something better.

If you had a business that failed – it wasn’t meant to be. Let that dream go. Keep the dream of owning a business. Learn what you need to learn. Get more clear. More skills. Brainstorm ideas.

But you need to let that dream go – so you can make space for the new one. For something better.

Maybe you have a relationship that didn’t work out. You thought it was your dream person. Guess what? It can’t be if you’re not with them. So let the dream of creating the perfect life with that person go.

But keep the dream of having the relationship you want and desire. Stay true to what you are looking for, what you deserve.

It’s not over – the dream is just in a different package.

Keep planning, and let the plan unfold in the direction it’s meant to. Don’t try to hang on to old thought patterns. Let them go.

Life will throw you many twists and turns. You will have many opportunities to let things go.

DO KEEP THE DREAM. Just let go of the plan that isn’t serving you anymore.

When things don’t work out, trust you have what it takes to make a different version of that dream come true. Probably something even better than you could have planned.

Take a breath. Let yourself have a moment to reflect. Then KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD. It’s the only direction you can go. You can’t go back. So let the past go. You have zero control over it!

It’s time to take back control.

Not of the exact way things will go, but of the thoughts that guide you.

Stop living in the past. Start living in the present. Start planning for the future again.

Most of all…let it go.

I believe in you!


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