Speak Your Truth

I know speaking your truth may be scary. It’s possible you’ve been holding off saying something that has been bothering you. Or you have a question you need to ask so you can get some clarity from another person.

The challenge is that we often don’t want to hurt others – or deal with their reaction – or hear the truth if they give us an answer that we don’t like. 

Well…it’s time to step up into your power and say what you need to say.

In this episode of EmpowermentTV I share how to approach these conversations. And how to be brave despite your fears, whatever they are.

And guess what? I bet you’ll feel lighter and more free once you share your thoughts. I’m not guaranteeing you’ll like the outcome, but you can prepare yourself in advance.

You can watch the episode to learn what I did recently when I had to have some difficult conversations. You may be surprised at what I discovered!

I think we all have something to say that we’re holding on to. Or more importantly, we have a question we need to answer ourselves that we’re avoiding.

Does that sound familiar? Have you listened to yourself lately?

Click play to learn my secret to starting these types of conversations. I also share the two important values I embrace that help me when I feel uncertain about the outcome. 

I know you can do it. 

If you consistently say what you need to say, it’s still worth a watch. There are some nuggets on how to navigate the conversation in a way that will have the most likely positive impact.

I encourage you to watch this video even if you don’t have anything on your mind right now.

And no matter what – remember – I believe in you.

Dig Deep and Go get ’em!

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