There is Genius in YOU.

No one is broken. Everyone has a genius inside them that can be used for good or for harm.

In this episode of EmpowermentTVI interview Deborah Battersby, known by many as The Entrepreneurs Success Coach. Her FreedomPOINT coaching method has helped thousands achieve extraordinary results in business and life.

In this interview, we dig in to why both good and uncomfortable (“bad”) emotions can help us. All emotions have intelligence and are here to help guide and direct us.

Emotions are just signals to let us know whether we are safe or in actual or perceived danger. The trick is knowing what to listen for and how to figure out their message.

One of the modern day threats or feeling of danger, is the fear of rejection. Deb shares a story of how the fear of rejection and the need to belong, can actually cost lives.

While this is a scary thought, the good news is that we can reprogram our minds with new or upgraded software. The software is the thoughts/patterns that we can change to improve our lives exponentially.

Ultimately – change your mind – change your life.

You can watch the episode and discover how you can heal your heart, live your potential and transform your life!

Listen on the Podcast

Click play and Deb will help you tap in to your own genius.

And if you want to get in to some really interesting stuff, we talk about the Quantum Field and how you can use that to discover something about yourself and upgrade your “software”.

Open your mind. You’re going to love this. Change your mind AND change your life.

You have an incredible genius inside you. Keep tapping in.

And Remember – I believe in you.

Go get ’em!

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Moments of Despair Shape Our Lives

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