What to do when you’re scared $#!%less!

Being scared sometimes is totally normal. And if you’ve never been scared, it’s time to start challenging yourself!

It means you’re playing small.

Everything you want (that is truly fulfilling) is on the other side of fear.

Getting to the other side of fear takes courage and determination. You have to know WHY you want to do the thing you know you want to do.

Here’s a little story…I’ve walked on fire several times!

t’s the real deal. Red hot burning coals from wood that burns for 24 hours (I’ll find a pic sometime and post it!)

Anyhow, it was pretty darn scary – especially the first time. I didn’t want to singe my feet off!

Every time I did it, I had to have a super clear intention and mindset.

While it got easier over time…because I knew I could do it…it was still a bit intimidating standing in front of the long path of red hot burning coals.

That first step was the most important.

By the time I got more comfortable with it, I was asked to lead thousands of others and prep them to walk across the coals. I was the one who made sure they were in the right mindset or “state” to do it – and get to the other side successfully. Which they did!

Watch Video Now

Pretty exhilarating.

Pretty damn scary.

Pretty freaking fun!

And NO I did not get burned. It’s all in the focus of the mind.

I just digressed a bit…I shall continue.

In this video I also talk about what to do when you try something scary and you fail. The best insights are near the end – it’s only a 3 min vid. But it’s powerful!

Go ahead, click the pic or link above and have a watch. You’ll be thankful you did.

Onward and upward.

I believe in you.

Dawn Marie Payne

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