Why do some people make millions and others don’t?

For the first interview on EmpowermentTV (and now The Empowerment Podcast too!), Brian Moses joined me to share his vast experience and wisdom.

Brian came from a life of poverty to making millions. In fact he made 3 Million per year in Real Estate commission income!

We talk about why some people succeed in making their goals come to true. We also explore how to set ridiculous goals – and – live what he calls an unrealistic life.

He encourages everyone to dream big even if you don’t know how you will achieve the outcome you desire. He has a simple formula that can help you step into creating the life you want and deserve.

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Brian shares how to put yourself in a position to win and how to use the 5 Equities of Life as a model to not only have financial success but also fulfillment along the way.

This is a MUST see if you have dreams and aspirations for your life.

I’m excited for you to take this all in and learn from one of the best.

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Empowerment is a practice.

I believe in you!

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