Write your own story babe.

Life is one big story.

There are hopes, dreams, desires, struggles, setbacks, bumps and disappointments. Despite that, the stories you tell yourself are what create the reality of your life.

Your reality is your beliefs and what you tell yourself about each life experience.

The great news is that you get to create your own story. Is it a struggle or a daring adventure? Get curious and see what you believe life is about and how you respond to events that happen around you.

Each moment is a choice. Even when shit hits the fan, it is happening for you

It may be getting you more clarity, more ideas or giving you contrast so you know what you want to do different. Or you’re getting pointed in a direction you didn’t think of before.

Because here’s the truth. Everything does happen FOR YOU. And then it’s you get to decide what you do with it.

You have the option to choose what it all means.

This is the reality. Stuff happens and things get in the way of our goals/dreams/success. But really, life is in motion and evolving to get you from where you are to where you’re meant to be.

Ultimately, life is going in the direction you’re telling it to. Because it’s your beliefs that create the story and the backdrop of what everything means.

The next time something happens that you don’t expect, or don’t like, or that scares you…remember, you’re in control of your story. You’re in control of what you believe and what you focus on.

Here are some ways to help create a story that empowers you….

Are you going to focus on what happened ‘to’ you. Or that it happened ‘for’ you?

What’s the opportunity being presented to you?

Will you have faith that everything happens for a reason even if you don’t know why in the moment?

Those factors will determine the story and quality of your life. You get to choose. 

You’re the creator of your life.

Now, it’s all up to you.

Keep believing yourself and keep believing in your dreams. You have what it takes to make them happen!

Now, go get it!

Until next time,


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