He Was Shot Down but His Legacy Will Live On

Shot Down but His Legacy

Last week, my friend Rafael Bejarano was travelling in Egypt – doing his work and living his mission when he was shot down during an air raid by Egyptian militants. He was innocently minding his own business, eating lunch when it all unfolded.

He was a peaceful, loving, giving man. A man who touched lives and whose purpose was that of healing and helping others. He was a Shaman, musician and incredible human. He had a capacity to reach people at the level of soul, whether it was through his music or a simple conversation.

He was a gifted man who knew his purpose and lived it every day. He also consistently strived to make the world a better place day in and day out. It’s hard to believe that someone who was so peaceful and giving would be shot down in a senseless, malicious attack.

Having said that, I really believe there is a bigger meaning and purpose behind all of this. Rafael and I had talked about how we get to choose and create the meaning of any situation. That we can create powerful positive references to the events in our lives and Be Empowered by the meaning we choose.

Although I will miss him dearly, I’m choosing to believe that his transition from the physical to the spiritual world will further his legacy. He had already created such an impact on so many people, and the action and love that is being shared among those who knew him is spreading like ripples in water. His legacy is inspiring others to action. It’s inspiring a movement of nations and a movement of bringing forth even more peaceful warriors. He was a messenger to be Love in Action. He inspired it. And he lived it.


I believe that there are going to be even more people moved to live their own purpose and mission at a deeper level. My hope is that his story will inspire even more people to action.  It’s certainly inspired me to reflect and really consider my purpose. I’m compelled to look at what else I can contribute to the world. It’s deepening my resolve to give back unconditionally and make the world a better place each day.

I’m choosing to have this experience make me better.

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He’s been the conduit to healing for thousands of people, maybe now, his passing will be a conduit to inspire healing though out the world. That’s my hope and my belief. This is bigger than I can even imagine, just as his presence and heart were larger than life.

I’m grateful that I had the unique opportunity to travel with him and work along side him in Liberia, Africa and Ecuador, South America. I was one of the lucky ones who was directly touched by his humility and impacted greatly through our friendship and the unconditional way he shared his gifts of healing and love.

Let’s be our own healers and meaning masters. We have the choice in every moment to create a powerful or disempowering meaning. The choice you make will greatly affect the quality of life and the quality of your time here on earth.

I wish you a meaningful, fulfilled life. Let’s keep spreading his message and Be Love in Action!

~Dawn XO

PS. Please share this with others and help continue his legacy!

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  1. Dawn,
    It is difficult to understand why such terrible things happen, but important as you have done to recognize the amazing effect that your friend made while here. As you said, the ripple he created will continue to expand for a long time touching many. You are already helping his message and what he stood for continue.

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